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While we were growing up we saw our father practising yoga every day no matter how late he went to bed the previous night. He always told us that this is like a recharge for his body and mind which will keep him running throughout the day. We were really amused by his postures specially Sirsasana but never really thought of trying as playing outside was really what we preferred as kids. 


Later, when my brother turned 25 he started getting some allergies due to seasonal change. He visited doctors for almost six months in a row as every morning he woke up with a blocked nose, head pain and red eyes due to sneezing back-to-back. Finally getting frustrated by all the medicines he started thinking about getting rid of it by a natural way which will work on the root cause rather than symptoms. 

So, he decided to join a pranayama class at Iyengar as it was very close to our house. When he went for the admission he was told that Two years of Asana practice is mandatory before joining a pranayama class. So, we both decided to began with the asana class. 


Within 6 months he started seeing some difference in his sinus and continued the practice for almost three years during which there was one class on Vinyasa krama which included lot of jumping and asanas back to back. The effect of that class was felt on the next day morning giving him sense of freedom and opening in the nasal passage which led to an interest  of researching for the schools which involved vinyasa in their daily practice and discovered Guruji’s shala in Mysore. 


In July 2018 we visited Mysore for the first time to study under guruji Sharath Jois. Since then we make our annual trips there to strength our dedication towards the magic of Ashtanga. 


About me(sonal), I honestly started my yoga journey only because of my brother to give him company but little did I know that it will change my life completely. Today the purpose of our life revolves around the practice. Not just the physical part but towards the spiritual aspects of yoga. 

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