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Sandeep started his yoga journey in a quest to heal his allergies and mild asthma. By getting tired from numerous visit to doctors and monthly prescriptions, he decided to look for natural alternatives which will work on root causes rather than suppressing the symptoms. 


        He started with Iyengar Yoga, where in one of the classes he was introduce to vinyasa krama method. He like that form of movement so much that he continued the practice everyday. Within six months of his regular practice, he could feel the difference in breathing. 


        This difference created a strong willingness to continue learning vinyasa krama method in a sequential order, which led him to Mysore Shala at Sharath Yoga Center. In July 2018, he met Sharath Guruji for the first time and since then sandeep has developed a strong belonging to this practice and the community. 


         As a teacher he believes that yoga is for everyone and this practice can transform an individual physically and mentally. 


Sonal Sharma is an ashtanga yoga practitioner, currently studying the second series under the guidance of her Guruji Sri R Sarath Jois. 


        She started her yoga journey in 2015 with Iyengar yoga and later in 2018 devoted herself to ashtanga yoga. Since then she visits Mysore annually or whenever guruji opens the shala for students. 


        On this path, she met some incredible teachers who imparted their unique knowledge and helped her gain more clarity towards this traditional method.     


        With deep gratitude and respect towards her guruji and teachers, she extends their teaching to the willing students and welcomes all level of practitioners to gain physical and mental benefits of this practice.

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