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Practice Rituals 


  • Ashtanga yoga is a lifestyle and we follow it by practising asanas six days a week, preferably maintaining same space and time everyday. 

  • Before starting the morning practice, empty your bowels and bladder, take a shower and then step on the mat. Incase practising in the evening or afternoon, wait for 3-4 hours after eating a meal.

  • Post practice wait for 15 mins before taking a shower and 30 mins before eating food as the body takes time to cool down.


  • Moondays are rest days due to extreme high and low energies. Please see new to yoga page for more details on this. 


  • During ladies holidays ( menstrual cycle ) we don’t practice for the first 3 days to respect the natural flow of the body. On 4th and 5th day no inversions.


  • Weekly once, preferably on Saturdays, we indulge in oil bath from head to toe. This is to balance the excess of vatta and pitta in the body.


  • Our practice is supported by the kind of food we eat. Satvic aahar and vichaar will help us maintain this practice life long. 


  • After your practice is completed, try sitting quietly on your mat for few more minutes to observe your vibrations and feel the calmness within. 


  • In case, on a particular day, you have less time on mat, always prefer choosing finishing sequence over attempting new asanas. Never skip the finishing sequence except on ladies holidays. 

  • Your self practice is your best teacher

   • Always start and end your day with gratitude  :)

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