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Food that supports our practice in cleansing and Purification 


     As we know that yoga practice is not just a physical workout but is a food for our soul. Starting our day right helps us to feel positive and one such good habit leads to building several other great habits. 



Our Diet is differentiated into two categories,


  • Nourishing food :  Dry fruits, Seeds and Nuts (Consume handful few times a week)


Nourishing food is required by those who are growing like kids below 18 or who has extreme level of physical labour work like a traditional farmer or an athlete. 


  • Cleansing food : Fruits, Vegetable and Millets (our main diet)


As a yoga practitioner, where we are in a constant phase of cleansing, our food requirement would also be similar. We will need cleansing foods to take care of our energy levels while keeping us feeling light throughout the day. Cleansing foods are those which are easier to digest, absorbed and eliminate.






When we wake up in the morning, we clean our bowls and empty our bladder. Then we take bath and step on the mat. Once the asana practice and or meditation is completed then after 15 mins or at, 


8am: we can have coconut water or Ash gourd juice or green vegetable juice


Vegetable juice should be consumed within 15 minutes of preparation. Should not be refrigerated and should be consumed at room temperature. 


10am: Fruit bowl, any single type of seasonal fruit as much as you like is best to consume as breakfast. Please remember, not to mix different varieties of fruits together example, orange(watery) and banana(creamy) as that will increase the digestion time and will ferment in the intestine. Also, please don't add oats or any grain to your fruits.


1.30pm: Salad Bowl, Raw salad of carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, tender coconut, coriander or mint leaves. 


Keep tomato, coconut or avocado and coriander or mint common in all salads. You can mix seasonal vegetables. Please don’t add salt, pepper, oils or nuts and seeds. Keep it simple and enjoy the natural flavours.


6pm: Dinner, first cooked meal of the day, 1 or 2 seasonal vegetable sabzi, chutney made of fresh seasonal herbs, soupy light dal and millets roti or millet rice.


Please avoid, white polished rice, wheat or maida. Instead eat unpolished millets, seeds or wholegrain like (ragi, jowar, bajra, kodo, green top, foxtail, barnyard, amaranth, buckwheat, barley, quinoa or brown rice) as they have good fiber content. Also, avoid white sugar completely, instead choose palm jaggery or date.



Few good habits,


  • Less is always more. Don’t overeat. Even the healthiest food eaten more than what we need, will damage the system.  

  • Eat as per season and ayurveda, if its rainy season eat food which will reduce cough in the body likewise in summer we need to control the heat 


  • Please avoid dairy and meat as they cause inflammation in the body and stops the natural cleansing process. Also, cow or any animal, gives milk for her babies. Stealing, killing and violence is not a way to practice yoga. 


  • Avoid eating or drinking after sunset. 

  • After eating, never take bath immediately, wait for 1 hour as the body is busy in digestion process. Taking bath will disturb that process.


  • Drink water only when thirsty.


  • Always stay calm before and while eating. Food prayer is a great way to calm ourselves, while also expressing the gratitude to the higher power for his abundance.


  • Once a week do water fast for physical and spiritual benefits.


      Our body is not just what it looks outside. There are thousands of friendly living bacteria inside, which supports our immunity. 

Good bacteria, which loves fresh fruits and veggies, will grow only if we feed them rightly. 

Bad bacteria, which causes disease, will always ask you to eat junk, processed, artificial sugar loaded foods or oily, fried and fatty foods. 


It takes one month to change the flora of our microbes. Good flora=craving for good food= uplifted mood and health. 


When a person is often depressed, he will automatically reach for processed foods leading to even worse situations inside.

So, our aim should be, to preserve the healthy flora living inside of us and around us. 

Our body is a garden, what we grow is in our hands

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